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Australian Hardwood Supplier

Australian Hardwood Supplier

Matthei Timbers, your premium supplier of quality Timber is a Brisbane based company who have been manufacturing high-quality timber since 1999. We are able to manufacture many timber species and provide a range of finished products using Non-Bleed and Termite Resistant Timbers.

Hardwood Availability

Our Pacific Jarrah, Southern Spotted and Pacific Crows Ash are all BAL29 Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009). We are also able to supply the following species: White Mahogany, Ipe, Masha Teak, Almendrillo, Bacu, Cigar Box Cedar, Konoko, Yellow Box, Oiticica, Nargusta, Red Cedar & Virola.

Hardwood Products

Hardwood Products

We not only supply milled Hardwood, we can also supply you a range of products ready for use within your home or business.  Matthei Timbers delivers you the following: Decking and Screening, Flooring, Cladding, Solid Posts and Beams, Stair Material, Structural F27 Kiln Dried Class 1 Dressed, DPR Feature Appearance Grade & Rough Sawn Timber.

Building With Confidence

Domestic Construction

Our Hardwood Timbers, in and around your home will provide a durable and hard wearing surface that will stand the test of time.

education buildings

Adding a level of warmth, the look and the feel of Hardwood Timbers around higher education facilities, schools and daycare centres – delivers a durable yet calming environment.

Government Buildings

Delivering a touch of class that is timeless, our Hardwood Timbers will ensure that government buildings remain simple yet elegant.  Alongside our sustainable practices on forestation.

Interior Design

Bring our Hardwood Timbers inside and embrace them with your interiors, the elegance of a beautiful timber cannot be compared to many other surfaces – they will simply compliment your designs.

Green construction

Hardwood Timbers when used for parks benches, seating and outdoor landscaping should be your only choice in your designs.  The durability of our Hardwood is paramount in this environment.


Your restaurant needs a touch of Hardwood Timbers – embrace your guests both inside and out with the clean lines and modern touches that our Hardwood Timbers can deliver.

Fire Resistant Timber

Due to Australia’s often dry conditions, building with fire resistant materials is just as imperative as the way it looks and how it is sourced. In response to this, Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009). has been developed as a guide as what timbers are appropriate for different levels of bushfire threat.  All three of the timbers we stock, Pacific Jarrah, Southern Spotted, and Pacific Crows Ash conform to BAL 29 (Bushfire Attack Level) as they have a density greater than 750kg/m3.  Please feel free to refer to any of the supporting documents for further information

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