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Rough Sawn Hardwood Timber

Build and construct with quality rough sawn hardwood timber...


Is your next DIY project requiring you to need rough sawn hardwood?  Maybe you are very particular about how you machine your timber and would like to start from scratch…

At Matthei Timbers we can supply you with rough sawn materials – cut but not milled, allowing you to put your finishing touches on every piece of timber.

Various timbers and various sizes are available so you will need to contact our office to ensure that what you need and require is in stock.

Our stock starts with…

Pacific Jarrah has pale sapwood and dark red-brown heartwood, with medium lustre and fine texture. Strong and tough timber that is highly resistant to wear and moisture absorption.

Southern Spotted has yellow-white sapwood and olive-brown heartwood, with fine texture and medium lustre. Very good dimensional stability and highly resistant to shock. Ideal for structural timber and flooring.

Pacific Crows Ash has narrow whitish sapwood and red-brown heartwood. Timber is hard and tough, turns and carves easily and has excellent weathering characteristics.

But if you are requiring a hardwood that is a little different then call us today.  We are your choice in Rough Sawn Hardwood Timbers…

Matthei Timbers Pacific Crows Ash is BAL29 (Bushfire Attack Level) Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009).