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Pacific Jarrah Timber Flooring

Beautiful Timber Flooring with style from hardwood, made easy...


Common Name: Pacific Jarrah
Botanical Name: Manilkara Bidentata
Other Common Names: Massaranduba, Balata, Bulletwood, Brazilian Redwood, Quinila, Manilkara

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)

Timber flooring has made a true resurgence – taking what was something simple and classic of a bygone era – through the generations of shagpile, linoleum and tiles to now where timber flooring is sought after and Pacific Jarrah Flooring is truly beautiful.  Both hard wearing and robust – our non-bleed, select timber hardwood flooring not only adds a level of quality to your styling but gives you peace of mind in it’s longevity.  Hardwood timber flooring is easy to maintain and easy to clean – the perfect choice.  Our design is a tongue and groove design that has a “secret nailing” profile, allowing for the concealment of nails beside the tongue – allowing for quicker and easier refinishing and a seamless and smooth surface finish.  Matthei Timbers timber flooring sizings are –  80mm (cover) × 19mm, 130mm (cover) × 19mm and 180mm (cover) × 19mm.  If you need sizes that are different to this – please contact us today and we will advise you if this is possible.  If you require end matching we can also supply this (if specified).

Pacific Jarrah has pale sapwood and dark red-brown heartwood, with medium lustre and fine texture. Strong and tough timber that is highly resistant to wear and moisture absorption.

Take your flooring to the whole next level with our solid timber hardwood flooring.

Matthei Timbers Pacific Jarrah is BAL29 (Bushfire Attack Level) Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009).


We have attached the general profile that we use for the milling of our timber flooring timbers – If you would like something different – please contact us today and we will endeavour to mill something to suit your needs and requirements.

Use our timber flooring for the following purposes:

  • office spaces and industrial premises;
  • retail locations, such as shops, cafés, forecourts;
  • leisure spaces, such as hotels, cinema foyers, holiday complexes;
  • residential developments;
  • domestic properties;
  • public buildings, e.g. museums and civic buildings.



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