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Pacific Jarrah Posts (Solid F27)

Building structures with style from hardwood, made easy...


Common Name: Pacific Jarrah
Botanical Name: Manilkara Bidentata
Other Common Names: Massaranduba, Balata, Bulletwood, Brazilian Redwood, Quinila, Manilkara

The style and class of timber posts in the building industry has taken off in the last few years where designers have embraced the beauty of natural timber products like Pacific Jarrah Posts. Using quality hardwood timber products ensures that the strength (F27) and the integrity of the structure is maintained by the hard wearing nature of the timbers that we supply at Matthei Timbers.  We can supply a range of dressed and rough sawn solid timber posts that are “Heart Free” as well as being non-bleed.  Remember that our hardwood will take the wear and the punishment of daily use for many years – so you will not be replacing these posts anytime soon. Matthei Timbers solid timber post sizings are –  Rough Sawn – 100mm × 100mm, 150mm × 150mm and 200mm × 200mm; Dressed –  90mm × 90mm, 135mm × 135mm and 185mm × 185mm.  If you need sizes that are different to this – please contact us today and we will advise you if this is possible.

Pacific Jarrah has pale sapwood and dark red-brown heartwood, with medium lustre and fine texture. Strong and tough timber that is highly resistant to wear and moisture absorption.

Our Solid F27 Posts are a terrific choice for your next construction project.  Available in lengths from 1.2m to 4.5+m – contact us today to check on the availability of your requirements.

Matthei Timbers Pacific Jarrah is BAL29 (Bushfire Attack Level) Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009).


We have attached the general profiles that we use for the milling of our post Timbers – If you would like something different – please contact us today and we will endeavour to mill something to suit your needs and requirements.

Use our solid timber posts (F27) for the following purposes:

  • office spaces and industrial premises;
  • retail locations, such as shops, cafés, forecourts;
  • leisure spaces, such as hotels, cinema foyers, holiday complexes;
  • residential developments;
  • domestic properties;
  • public buildings, e.g. museums and civic buildings.


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