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Pacific Jarrah DPR (Dressed Pencil Round)

Premium dressed pencil round made from hardwood, made easy...


Common Name: Pacific Jarrah
Botanical Name: Manilkara Bidentata
Other Common Names: Massaranduba, Balata, Bulletwood, Brazilian Redwood, Quinila, Manilkara

Using our DPR (Dressed Pencil Round) Pacific Jarrah in your next construction project ensures that whatever you are building or constructing will live up to the elements of the sun, wind and rain.  Our durable, kiln – dried, class 1 hardwood timbers are planed to a smooth surface and milled with “pencil rounded” edges – as a rule of thumb this should eliminate most general timber preparation processing in your construction.  Available in both structural grades F34 and F27, our timbers are ready for your construction project and because of their low tannin content, they are also non-bleed hardwood timbers.  Matthei Timbers DPR sizings are –  40mm × 30mm, 63mm × 30mm, 70mm × 35mm, 90mm × 35mm, 140mm × 35mm, 190mm × 35mm, 240mm × 35mm, 290mm × 35mm, 40mm × 40mm, 70mm × 45mm, 90mm × 45mm, 140mm × 45mm, 190mm × 45mm, 240mm × 45mm and 290mm × 45mm to satisfy your construction and design needs.

Pacific Jarrah has pale sapwood and dark red-brown heartwood, with medium lustre and fine texture. Strong and tough timber that is highly resistant to wear and moisture absorption.

DPR is your best way of reducing your working and processing time – we do all the work for you in having your timber ready for you. Matthei Timbers is your choice in DPR Hardwood Timbers…

Matthei Timbers Pacific Jarrah is BAL29 (Bushfire Attack Level) Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009).


We have attached the general profiles that we use for the milling of our DPR Timbers – If you would like something different – please contact us today and we will endeavour to mill something to suit your needs and requirements.

Use our dressed pencil round hardwood timber for the following purposes:

  • office spaces and industrial premises;
  • retail locations, such as shops, cafés, forecourts;
  • leisure spaces, such as hotels, cinema foyers, holiday complexes;
  • residential developments;
  • domestic properties;
  • public buildings, e.g. museums and civic buildings.


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