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Other Hardwood Timber Species

Beautiful designs from hardwood, made easy...


Pacific Jarrah

Botanical Name: Manilkara Bidentata
Other Common Names: Massaranduba, Balata, Bulletwood, Brazilian Redwood, Quinila, Manilkara

Pale sapwood and dark red-brown heartwood, with medium lustre and fine texture. Strong and tough timber that is highly resistant to wear and moisture absorption. *Meets the BAL29 Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009)

Southern Spotted

Botanical Name: Dipteryx Odorata
Other Common Names: Tonka, Cumaru, Brazilian Teak

Yellow-white sapwood and olive-brown heartwood, with fine texture and medium lustre. Very good dimensional stability and highly resistant to shock. Ideal for structural timber and flooring.  *Meets the BAL29 Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009)

Pacific Crows Ash

Botanical Name: Apuleia Ferrea
Other Common Names: Garapa, Ferro

Narrow whitish sapwood and red-brown heartwood. Timber is hard and tough, turns and carves easily and has excellent weathering characteristics.  *Meets the BAL29 Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009)


White Mahogany

Botanical Name: Brosmium Alicastrum
Other Common Names: Congona

Sapwood about 40cm wide, pale yellowish-white or pinkish-yellow. Heartwood is yellowish, yellow-light brown.


Botanical Name: Tabebuia Serratifolia
Other Common Names: Brazilian Walnut, Tahuari

Sapwood, yellowish-white. Heartwood greyish when freshly cut, darkening to greyish-green or brownish-olive on exposure; sometimes slightly streaked.

Masha Teak

Botanical Name: Machaerium Inundatum
Other Common Names: Aguano Masha

Sapwood is white, clearly demarcated from the hardwood, dark or brown-reddish with stripes of darker colour.


Botanical Name: Caryocar Brasiliense

Pale greyish-brown heartwood and narrow sapwood. Strong and tough timber with excellent wearing properties.


Botanical Name: Cariniana Pyriformis
Other Common Names: Coastal Beech

Pale sapwood and red-brown heartwood, with medium to high lustre. Moderately tough and strong timber.

Cigar Box Cedar

Botanical Name: Cedrela Odorata
Other Common Names: Spanish Cedar

Pale sapwood and red-brown heartwood, with medium to high lustre and excellent wearing properties.


Botanical Name: Pouteria Caimoto

Heartwood and sapwood: distinct, thickness: 2.0cm to 8.0cm. Heartwood colour: reddish-brown, sapwood colour: light reddish brown, growth rings.

Yellow Wood

Botanical Name: Calychophyllum Candidissimum
Other Common Names: Capirona, Lemonwood
Light brown timber with medium lustre. Finishes smoothly and carves and turns well. *Meets the BAL29 Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009)


Botanical Name: Clarisia Racemosa
Other Common Names: Clarisia

Pale sapwood, bright yellow heartwood, with high lustre, distinct growth rings. Ideal for structural timber and flooring.


Botanical Name: Terminalia Amazonia
Other Common Names: Chamisa

Light sapwood and olive-brown heartwood. Ideal for structural timber and flooring.

Red Cedar

Botanical Name: Cedrela Fissilis

Pale sapwood and deep red-brown heartwood, with pronounced stripes and golden lustre. Stains and polishes well, and has excellent weathering characteristics.


Botanical Name: Virola Sebifera
Other Common Names: Cumala

Sapwood pale golden to pale-brown, merging gradually into the uniform light reddish, greyish or brown heartwood. Sapwood and heartwood sometimes not demarcated.